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Why is Flexibility so Important?

Flexibility is an essential part of leading a healthy and injury-free life. When a person stretches, it allows for easier, deeper movements while gaining strength and stability.

Enhanced flexibility creates an array of physical benefits that positively impact your overall well-being. If you think stretching is just for athletes, think again. Being flexible will help anyone! Whether you sit at a desk, move furniture, or play sports, stretching will help you lead a healthier life.

In this blog, we'll describe five ways that being flexible can help you!

Prevents Injury

Does your body feel tight, like you could sustain an injury at any moment? Once you become more flexible, your body will be able to deal with more physical stress. It helps your body eliminate any muscle imbalances that can cause an injury. It's important to understand what stretches will help each area of your body and how to do them correctly.

Good flexibility allows the joints to have a wider range of motion. For example, when a baseball player has poor flexibility and range or motion in his shoulder or elbow, there's a greater chance he will sustain an injury when he throws the ball.

Reduces Daily Pain

How many of you have a sore back, shoulder, neck, etc.? Unless you have underlying issues that require surgery or physical therapy, improving your flexibility can help reduce the pain you're experiencing. Properly stretching on a regular basis will lengthen and open your muscles. When your muscles are less tense, the aches and pains will be few and far between.

Improves Posture and Balance

Many of us have developed a habit of slouching when we sit, walk or stand. Stretching and working out properly can correct any muscle imbalances that cause us to slouch. Yoga and Pilates are excellent exercises that promote flexibility, balance and posture.

Helps You Stay Relaxed

Do you have trouble unwinding after a long day? The physical benefits of maintaining flexibility extend all the way to a relaxed state of mind! Stretches that open your body can make you feel relaxed and allow you to unwind faster.

Improves Strength

Many individuals who workout regularly experience what is known as a "plateau". This is when you stop gaining size or strength, no matter how much you workout and eat healthy food. Lack of flexibility can be the reason for this. Flexibility ensures your muscles have the right amount of tension so you're strong enough to support your movements. It's nearly impossible to improve physically with limited flexibility.

CoreFit Wellness

At CoreFit Wellness, our team of personal trainers understand and implement stretches tailored to your needs and capabilities. To lead a healthy, relaxed and stronger life, contact us today and schedule a session with one of our elite personal trainers!

*Consult with your doctor before beginning any workout routine


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