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What is Cryotherapy?

In recent years, people have been raving about a new wellness treatment that produces amazing results. We're talking about cryotherapy. CoreFit Wellness is home to one of the few cryotherapy chambers in Bonita Springs. Cryotherapy, which means "cold therapy", exposes the body to intense, fridged temperatures for a short period of time. In fact, the temperature in the chamber range from -184 degrees Fahrenheit to -292 degrees Fahrenheit! If you've never heard of anything like this before, it might sound strange, and quite frankly a little intimidating. But we are here to tell you cryotherapy is safe and extremely effective. Although, you should always be accompanied by a wellness professional in our facility while using cryotherapy.

What are the benefits of Wholebody Cryotherapy?

Benefits of Cryotherapy has been scientifically proven in its ability to alleviate pain, boost your body’s natural recovery abilities, improve skin and combat aging, as well as help you lose weight. Cryotherapy has been used to treat conditions such as multiple sclerosis and rheumatoid arthritis in Japan since the 1970s. Many clients also report improvements in sleep quality and restfulness. Read more on Anti-Aging & Beauty, Pain Management & Relief, Sports Injuries, and Weightloss..




Benefits for Pain Management & Relief


The extreme cold (-120c to -180c) of Cryotherapy treats muscle and joint pain, as well as inflammation associated with arthritis and other chronic illnesses. Cryotherapy works to reduce swelling by constricting blood vessels from expanding, during this process anti-inflammatory proteins in the blood are also increased which aids in pain management.

In addition to preventing swelling and reducing inflammation, a three-minute Cryotherapy session also helps to infuse the blood with nutrients and enzymes as well as releasing a surge of endorphins that restrict your body’s ability to perceive pain.  An added bonus of cold therapy is heightened mood while combating chronic or severe pain having a mood booster can also aid in dealing with pain.

Benefits for Weightloss

Cryotherapy can boost your metabolism and burn anywhere from 500 to 800 calories by spending just three minutes in a Cryosauna.

That's because, in chilly temps, your body works to increase your internal temperature both through shivering and other internal processes that burn calories, explains Brian Quebbemann, M.D., medical director of The N.E.W. Program in Newport Beach. Cryotherapy is a great way for natural and gradual weight loss. 

Combining Cryotherapy with your weight loss program can help give you the next step in your struggle for weight loss. 

Benefits for Anti-Aging & Beauty


Cryotherapy is a natural, safe, and effective way to combat aging and restore the natural glow of your skin. The benefits of Cryotherapy include:

  • Reduction Of Cellulite

  • Strong Hair and Nail

  • Boosts Metabolism Promoting Weight Loss – Between 500-800 Calories Over The Next Twenty-Four Hours After Each Session

  • Improve Skin Conditions, Such as Psoriasis, Blemishes & Acne

  • Trigger Collages Production and Skin Rejuvenation

Like Jennifer Aniston, Justin Timberlake, and Jessica Alba you can turn to this special technique for a safe and effective way to maintain and restore your natural beauty. Cryotherapy can aid you in becoming the best version of you. By boosting your blood’s circulation and working with your nervous system, Cryotherapy an innovative and new-age approach to helping your body fight off aging.

Benefits for Sports Injury

Cryotherapy is an excellent sports injury treatment and is great if you tend to avoid pain killers or look for natural pain relief. Cryotherapy as a sports injury therapy works so well because sports injury is normally accompanied by pain and inflammation. Reducing swelling and inflammation is only one of the many benefits of Cryotherapy, spending just 90 seconds in the nitrogen-infused chamber may improve circulation and promotes the redistribution of fluids that often build-up at the site of an injury. Increased circulation leads to better oxygen absorption and enhanced oxygenation of the blood. Better circulation also works to flush out those built-up fluids as well as other toxins leading to accelerating healing of damaged soft tissue and overworked joints.

Cryotherapy Is Ideal For Treating:

  •  Tennis Elbow

  •  Carpal Tunnel

  •  Golfer’s Elbow

  •  Runner’s knee

  •  Muscle Fatigue

  •  Muscle Strain

  •  Sprained ankles

  •  Tennis Shoulder

Like LeBron James, Floyd Mayweather, Mark Wahlberg, and Kobe Bryant, you can add Cryotherapy to a health recovery program or use it as your only post-game, post-workout therapy. This super cool treatment can restore tired, overexerted muscles and joints, reduce inflammation and swelling, increase circulation for faster recovery, enhance energy through boosting metabolic functions and improving your overall mood and mind state three minutes at a time. 



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